A beating heart and a world of possibilities

A month after the embryo implantation and two weeks after our first scan to confirm everything was on track, we were back at Dr Patel’s offices for an early morning scan. At about 7 or 8 weeks, there was bound to be more to see this time, and we were not disappointed.

We had a basic idea of what to expect, having followed the development of our little “Spot” on a multitude of apps and in a variety of books. We know that he / she had now evolved into something completely alien, but totally awe-inspiring and we were both completely in love with him / her. When Dr Patel said she was going to check the heart rate, my heart nearly stopped. This was it, we were going to hear the beating heart of our tiny human…

Hearing the thumpity-thump of that tiny little heartbeat for the first time is a feeling unlike any other – and not one you ever get used to. If you don’t have (or aren’t expecting) kids, it’s difficult to describe the overwhelming nature of the feelings that wash over you in that moment. You’re hearing the heartbeat of something – no, someone – you made!! A soon-to-be-human being that is only in existence because of actions you took. I know they say pregnancy hormones wreak havoc on your body and mind, but I’m pretty sure you can’t attribute all of it to the hormones. I mean, even Becs was crying!

We left the doctor’s rooms absolutely euphoric – as if hearing the beating of that tiny heart had validated every moment of sadness and heartache we’d experienced through our journey.

Over the months that followed I was very lucky – only minimally affected by the trauma of first trimester symptoms, like morning sickness – and by 12 weeks we were almost free and clear, just one last hurdle before we could share our happy news… The dreaded down syndrome tests.

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