Two days after the first blood test came back positive and we’d shared our big news with the family, I had to go for a follow up test to make sure the readings of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) had at least doubled. On Sunday, 24 April I duly headed in the direction of the hospital for a repeat of the test.

Form in hand I entered the pathology lab and eagerly sat in the waiting room. I was an understandably different person to the one I’d been two days previously. When my name was called, I bounced up and headed into the consultation room. I jovially chatted to the nurse while I pumped my fist, bringing my veins to the surface. I smiled happily as she poked a needle into my arm and drew the bloods. I thanked her emphatically as I secured the plaster, rushed out the door, and bounced up the stairs and out of the hospital.

A few hours later, I called the number our doctor’s receptionist – Muneerah – had given us to get the results. She said to say I was calling from the doctor’s rooms and they’d give me the results. I dialled the number as I nervously paced around the garden. When the lady answered, I told her I was calling from Dr Patel’s rooms, requesting results for a patient. My heart was in my throat. She then asked me for the practice’s account number… My heart sank.

Starting to panic that I’d have to wait until the next day for the results, I told her I didn’t have it with me. She then told me to get the patient to call and she would give the results directly to the her. Sweet relief. I called back almost immediately, resolved to disguise my voice if the same lady answered, which she did. I didn’t disguise my voice, my heart was racing too much to think of anything other than getting those results.

She must’ve known it was me, her voice had a “hmmm, you again?” quality to it, which I studiously ignored. I told her what I was calling for and she said she’d email the results to the email address on file. I thanked her and hung up, and headed back inside while opening the email app on my phone.

I must’ve refreshed 100 times a second until the email eventually came through, what seemed like ages later. I called Becs and the two of us read and reread the email. At the first test, my result had been 103. This one was 319.5. That meant it was definitely positive, right? Becs and I looked at each other and back at the mail, I read the results out aloud, we looked back at each other and immediately burst into tears as the reality of our situation began to sink in. We were for sure pregnant!


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