The big reveal

Sometime before we did the embryo implantation my sister-in-law had taken a picture of her kids each holding up a sign. My nephew’s said “oldest”, my niece’s had the word “youngest” crossed out and the word “middle” added underneath. We thought this would be a nice fun way to tell the grandparents.

Having emerged from the stressful test day with a positive result, we decided we’d share the news with our immediate family, as part of my mom’s birthday present. I called my mom and offered to fetch them for dinner, so we’d be able to tell the family in private at home. But, when we arrived to fetch my folks, they quickly piled themselves into car, anxious to get going.

My parents have an alarm sensor on their gate, which means you have to wait until the gate closes before you can set the alarm. While we were waiting for the gate to close, we handed my mom her card and told her she had to open it before we left. While she read her card, which contained the picture of my niece and nephew holding their signs, my dad was patiently waiting for the gate to close, not really paying any attention to us, or the card my mom was holding.

By the time my mom had fully digested the implications of the picture, the gate had closed and my dad was trying to listen for the whoop of the alarm, signalling it was armed. But all he heard was the whoop of my mom. Because he hadn’t been paying any attention to us he didn’t know why my mom was suddenly making all this racket. “Shush man, I’m trying to listen to the alarm!” he exclaimed to my mom, who by now had tears streaming down her cheeks. But my mom continued her celebrations unperturbed by his outburst, whooping and crying like a crazy person.

By this stage, my dad was getting pretty agitated about not knowing if the alarm had set or not. Fortunately, I pointed out, there is a handy little indicator light on the alarm remote, which flashes a closed lock when it’s armed. Only then did he calm down and ask what was going on.

With the alarm armed, and my dad up to speed and sufficiently excited, we set off for the restaurant. “Now mom,” I said warningly, “you can’t tell anyone else. We’ll tell the rest of the family quietly at dinner, but you can’t tell anyone else until we’re passed 12-weeks.” She was – to say the least – horrified! How was she supposed to keep this a secret? How could she possibly be expected to contain her excitement? “Well you just have to.” I said, not willing to entertain a discussion about it.

We arrived at the restaurant and, as I hugged my brother I dropped the bomb, “Don’t say anything because we aren’t telling people yet, but I’m pregnant.” I could immediately feel his excitement. I looked around for my sister-in-law, who was away from the table in the kids’ play area. We made my way over to her, followed by my brother, to share the good news. We gave them the basic run-down – the test was positive, but we have to go for another test on Sunday to make sure the levels have doubled and then we’ll know for sure, but yay! They were both suitably excited and much easier to convince to keep it to themselves than my mom had been.

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